How to make your sugar baby feel jealous using these Facebook statuses updates

gI_144184_222_副本Jealousy is a slippery slope. Making your sugar baby jealous with Facebook statuses can be a good thing because it makes her want to be with you more and show you she can be the girl of your dreams. In other ways you could make her so jealous she gives up on you and walks away. If you want to make her jealous, follow a few rules in making your posts deniable and explainable so you can make things right with her after she gets jealous.

Vague booking

This is the kind of post where you mention something may be wrong, or great, or sad, or happy, but you don’t state what exactly it is. For instance, you may post something like “I had a good day with someone special” on a day you did not see her. This could mean you saw your grandmother, or maybe you spent time with your niece, but she doesn’t know that and will get jealous. Later you can tell her she read too much into it to smooth things over, but getting her jealous will come in handy when she realizes she didn’t need to be.

The best time ever

You’re out with friends, and she knows this so she isn’t too jealous of you. Then you post “I’m having the best time ever with my college buddy Dave.” She becomes jealous because the best time you have ever had isn’t being spent with her. She will begin to wonder what she can do to get such a status posted about her. Tell her that Dave is your best friend and you said that as a way to let her know you were enjoying a guys’ night out.

The love you lost

“Post a quote or a meme about losing a great love in your life. Obviously this does not mean anything to her. Since, you two are still together and she will understand that and get upset. Now she’s wondering who this love is and how she can compare. If she asks you about this status, you can simply tell her it was for a friend who is grieving a break up and she will get over the jealousy.

Enjoying the single life

This one is not so easy to explain away, so make sure this is something you want to do before you hit the “post” button. You can say that you enjoy being single and not having to deal with drama. Now, if she comes to you upset you can always say “this is the type of drama I am talking about.” It won’t be easy to move beyond, but you can try to smooth it out.

Wanted: true love

You’re single, but you don’t want to be. This type of status works in two ways. One, it makes her jealous that you don’t feel you’re in a relationship with her. Two, it makes her want to take that next step with you since you’re post says you are ready. The way you handle this depends on how you feel about her.
Making your sugar baby jealous has its ups and downs. You can make her jealous enough to want to step up her game with you, but you can make her mad enough to walk away from you. Keep the jealousy game nonchalant on Facebook and always deniable and you will be able to explain things while making her want to be with you more. – The Best Older Men Dating Younger Women and Younger Women Looking for Older Men Dating Site. Visit Site


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